Sala Laranja

Along with the other spaces in the house, the Orange Room was developed with a multifunctional logic, while it is primarily used to provide support to the Educational Services. It is one of the few spaces in Casa da Música accessible to the public where there is no direct natural light. In compensation, a play of lights has been applied that projects onto the carpeted ramp – the main attraction of the room for children – playing with the concept of a trompe-l’oeil window. The orange of the carpet itself conditions the emotions of those entering the room – conveying a sense of proactivity, energy, and assisting the cognitive process of those participating in the numerous workshops held there.

Sala Laranja - Casa da Música

The Orange Room also houses an instrument called the Sonorium, an integral part of the Casa da Música’s Hot Spots. The Sonorium reacts not only to the presence but also to the position of a body, providing variables that influence the sounds previously introduced into its system. The choreographed movement of people allows for the creation of melodic spaces, a fact that has proven to be very useful in the psychomotor development of young children.