Sala 2
5th floor
Capacity: 300 seats / 650 standing seats

It is the second largest concert hall of Casa da Música. Designed as a multipurpose space, it is ideal for any type of event. Its phenomenal acoustics is based on the coating of walls and ceilings, in perforated plywood, which was not painted conventionally with spray or brush but dipped in red paint, which gives it a very natural tone with slight nuances.


Stage structures, chairs, lights, sound system, régie… everything can be moved or removed. Most of daytime natural light is filtered through a huge South-oriented window, fundamental to the elegance of this space, and giving Sala 2 a reddish tone.


The access is made through two glass and aluminum doors, integrated into the partition panels of the foyer, with high sound insulation. These ports slide, assisted by a lower engine, and have a safety opening system from the inside. The chairs, in purple tone, are an elegant tribute to the Portuguese designer Daciano da Costa, author of this model in the70’s. The floor of the room and the foyer is in French oak industrial parquet, painted black.